Postpartum In Home Physical Therapy Consultation 1 hour {$225}: I am thrilled to offer IN HOME postpartum Physical Therapy. Every mom should have immediate access to a physical therapist to learn a pelvic floor rehabilitation program. Often, this foundational piece of postpartum recovery is missed and moms are “released to exercise” at their six week follow up visit. My goal is to see every mom formally educated on postpartum recovery. This includes education on :

-how to breathe correctly and engage your core and pelvic floor

-how to recognize signs and symptoms of Pelvic Organ Prolapse or Diastasis Recti

-how to begin a safe pelvic floor rehab program

-how to safely return to fitness

-how hormones and breastfeeding may affect your workout and need for modifications

**If you have never had a consult with a PT and you are months/years postpartum, I would still advise a one on one consultation to establish a good baseline of care. A hands on approach is valuable as I observe and teach you how to breathe correctly and connect with your core and pelvic floor through movement. This is helpful because you may have developed substitution patterns that prevent the correct core engagement you need.  If you have a diastasis or pelvic organ prolapse, considerations for a specific strategy with exercise is important.  Sometimes that's easier to teach in person.  This consultation gives me a little more one on one time to look at your overall mobility and watch you do things closely so I can give you an individualized treatment plan for where you are in your stage of recovery. We can also discuss a macro plan and nutrition if that is something you are interested in. 

Postpartum Follow Up Visit  1 hour {$125}: Follow up visits are a great way to problem solve as you work through a progression of your rehab/fitness.  Most moms need 1-2 in person visits with hands on feedback and education, and then they feel equipped to progress on their own.  Postpartum recovery is an ongoing process.  My passion is to help bridge moms from rehab to fitness! This visit may be at your gym, or the park, or at your home.

Prenatal/Postpartum Online Consultation 1 hour {$100}: If having an online consultation is easier for you (a lot of moms consult with me while their kids are at school or during nap time), we can set that up and I can problem solve with you and talk you through an exercise plan.  During this consultation, I will demonstrate appropriate exercises and teach you how to know when you can advance to the next progression. This assessment allows me to observe you and coach you through strategies that you need to recover and build core strength. This is an excellent opportunity for prenatal education as well. In the physical therapy world, the “ prehab” is just as important as the “ rehab”. Exercising throughout your pregnancy has multiple benefits. Consulting with a PT can assure that you are safe in the positions and movements that you are doing and will teach you how to adjust and modify as the demands of pregnancy progress. After I do my assessment, I will email you my notes and summarize our time together.  I will also send you a customized written program with video demonstrations.  I include education on nutrition and MACRO tracking as well.

Prenatal/Postpartum Online Consultation 30 min {$65}: This brief consultation is a great option for moms who have returned to fitness, but still have concerns and just need problem solving with a PT.  I have helped moms with specific programs and modified some of their exercises (due to prolapse or diastasis) so they can return to the workout they love. (Examples: Barre, CrossFit, running, etc. ) I have also educated prenatal moms on specific garments, modifications, and safe strategies to allow them to continue exercising throughout their pregnancy.

The Postpartum Bundle  {$325} : This includes a 1 hour { IN HOME } consultation, a  30 minute follow up visit {HOME/GYM/PARK} and one 30 minute {VIRTUAL} visit.  This is a great package for progression that starts with rehab concepts and bridges into fitness and performance.  An initial program often starts with a mom doing breathing and core exercises while lying on her back which is very important.  I also want to see that mom on her feet doing higher level movements and jumping at some point.  

The Postpartum Bundle II {$185} :  This includes a {1 hour} Initial Virtual Consult and 2 {30 minute} Follow Up Virtual Consults.  This is a great bundle for the mom who is not local or prefers an online session for convenience.  Having face to face time with a PT that can get you on the right track and educate you on how to safely re-engage or initiate a fitness program can set you up for success.  I also recommend this bundle for a " Prenatal Education Consult" and "Postnatal Education Follow Up".