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I teach women how to restore the function of their core after having babies. I became an advocate for postpartum physical therapy and women's health after going through my own rehabilitation for a severe diastasis and hernia. My passion is helping women successfully rehabilitate their body after birth and bridge them to a sustainable fitness program that fits their lifestyle.

As a former college athlete and runner, I know firsthand how emotional it can be to feel like your body isn't strong enough to do the things you love. I am so thankful that my job provides a space for me to empower recovering moms and postpartum athletes through individualized rehab, fitness coaching, and macro plans.

After graduating from UT Memphis with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy Degree, I continued my education and pursued a specialty in Orthopedics. I have over fifteen years experience as a manual therapist with an intentional focus on the spine, pelvis, and postpartum recovery.